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Black Walnut, 100% handmade, smooth to touch, beautiful natural color

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Wood cutting boards are different from glass or stone cutting boards. It is wood of course, and wood is still kind of alive. (That is why we love wood and at the same time it’s challenging). We finish each piece of wood in order for it to be suitable as a cutting board, protecting your knives and your food. However, the natural beauty of the wood will eventually start to fade with normal wear and tear. So, it is completely normal for some scratches or nicks to appear over time.

But since wood is a durable and recyclable material, we would love for you to enjoy the unique beauty of the grains that each piece contains as long as possible. Please contact us if you have any issues with your piece. We will gladly re-finish your board for you.


  1. Please clean your handmade boards after each use by hand with a little soap and water. (Do not put it in the dishwasher)
  2. Do not stand your board in the water for a long time. This can cause the board to split.
  3. White vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or lemon can be used to disinfect and remove harsh odors. (You may put it under the direct sunlight for couple of hours)
  4. We recommend to polish your handmade board with food-grade mineral oiling and/or beeswax once a month. (Do not use vegetable oils, which will turn rancid quickly)

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Dimensions 15 x 7 x 0.75 in


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