About IBCD Woodwork

Who we are:

IBCD Woodwork is owned by an intentional Christian community in Oklahoma. We produce 100% handmade wood products from live edge slabs to small spatulas. Not only we provide useful and eco-friendly wood products to you, we hope you enjoy the unique beauty of the grains that each product has. It is our commitment to reveal the mystery and awe of God’s creation and invite you to the full appreciation of the beauty of His fingerprints in these carefully crafted wood products.


Our story:

In search for GOD’s fingerprints in His creation -

Yes, we make 100% handmade wood products from harvesting trees from our own land to finishing the products. What we do is not creating the artificial beauty out of woods but revealing the inherent beauty of GOD’s creation and making it available for his beloved people.

Yes, we produce our own hardwood slabs from the trees in our own property. We nestled along the Illinois River in the hills of Northeast Oklahoma. God provided us beautiful trees around us such as red oak, white oak, sycamore, hickory, and black walnut. We harvest only fully matured trees with careful selection to manage the forest for future sustainability. It is an actual practice of our stewardship toward to His creation that surrounds us.

There is NO waste in His creation, and all of them can be recycled. We use all the parts of tree and every single byproduct from each step. Branches are used for wood-burn boiler that heats the floor of wood kiln. The ashes from wood burning go to garden for neutralizer. All of the sawdust is collected for composting, chicken beds, and goat beds. Later the composed sawdust goes to garden for mulching and organic fertilizer. We try to use all the wood scrap pieces from each step for proper wood products by its nature and character so that we do not waste any of His Creation as well as maximize the material utilization. Also this is one of the reasons that we can provide you affordable price of our products.

Yes, it cannot be more environmentally friendly or eco-friendly. We dry hardwood slabs in the solar kiln with radiant floor heating system heated by tree branches collected after we harvest trees for woodcraft products.

The world we are living in is a consuming world. People are consuming everything to fulfill their self-centered endless desire. We consume things and are chocked with disposable values. We degrade ourselves to mere consumers, and we fill our surroundings with cheap disposable garbage.

Recycle is a God’s signature. Here at IBCD we promote a total recycle, living as a community of goods like the church in Acts. We do not consume but exercise stewardship in all things around us.

Yes, we have a dream that we may connect with your life and breathe in the beauty and vitality of the everlasting God with our products. We value hard work, honesty, respect and equality. We pray that God’s fingerprints revealed in our products will glow your space and your heart.